Congress Centre

Inspiring, Creating, Solving

These are the foundations on which the Congress Centre of the CONTINENTAL URBAN ART HOTEL is based.

It is much more than a traditional Congress Centre. 

What Hotel Continental offers you is pure space where ideas come to life and horizons widen,

 as suggested by the entrance of the Centre – enhanced by a wall of modern design, backlit, which lights up at dusk – and the names of the seven meeting rooms inspired by the astral constellations: Vega, Pegasus, Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, Gemini, Cassiopea.

Dynamic, modular and customizable spaces for all types of events, for a total area of 800 square meters. 

If you are looking for more discreet environments, our Congress Center offers you smaller spaces, ideal for meetings, private meetings or business interviews. 

All rooms can be made even more functional with extra equipment, on request.

Our Meeting rooms

Andromeda 230 mq
Vega 75 mq
Sirio 175 mq
Pegaso 100 mq
Gemini 37 mq
Area Accrediti
Cassiopea 77 mq
Sala Orione 250 mq